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Updated November 16, 2016


Welcome to the KCACTF III Dramaturgy page, where you can find explanations and updates and application materials for all of the ways that dramaturgs can participate in this year's festival. As the new Dramaturgy Coordinator for Region III, I am looking forward to exploring and celebrating the research and innovations that student artists bring to this essential aspect of theatremaking.

I would also like to offer warm congratulations to last year's winner of the Region III LMDA / KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award, Colin Hart. Colin’s work on Equus was another excellent example of the way in which truly creative dramaturgy can move beyond the straightforward presentation of research and into an immersive, innovative experience that extends the world of the play in unexpected and compelling ways.

If you're new to Dramaturgy at KCACTF, we have four different ways that you can participate in our Region III festival, which are listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Matthew Reeder, Dramaturgy Coordinator

KCACTF Region III Opportunities for Dramaturgs

LMDA / KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award Guidelines

Updated October 24, 2015

The LMDA / KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award is designed to recognize contributions by student dramaturgs to the conception, development, and production of within their colleges and universities, or to educational projects in dramaturgy. The philosophical foundation of this award—like that of dramaturgy itself—rests in the belief that art benefits from examination on the parts of both artist and spectator, and that creative inspiration accompanied by analysis and reflection is most likely to lead to productions and projects that fulfill the spiritual, social and personal potential of the live theatrical event.

Also inherent in the guidelines is the belief that the dramaturg should participate fully and uniquely in the collaborative act of making theater and in promoting social discourse around the theatrical event. To validate the significance of the dramaturg's contributions—and to raise awareness of dramaturgy in the academic field—the Kennedy Center requires a letter of nomination from a faculty member.

This award is the result of a unique collaboration between Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA), the professional association of dramaturgs and literary managers working in North America, and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF), a national program dedicated to improving the quality of college and university theater in the United States. Additional support is provided by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE). Professional dramaturgs, members of LMDA who live in each region, will select the recipient of that region's LMDA/KCACTF Student Award in Dramaturgy.

What the Award Entails

Regional fellowship recipients will receive membership in LMDA, an all-expense paid residency at the National Festival at the Kennedy Center in Mid-April, and multi-day workshops with leading artists in both production and new play dramaturgy.  

The recipients of the National LMDA/KCACTF Fellowships receive residencies with the O’Neill Playwrights Conference, The Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis and/or the Kennedy Center/National New Play Network's MFA Playwrights' Workshop in the summer.

Who is Eligible

Undergraduate and graduate students who work specifically as the dramaturg on a production or workshop, or who submit work created for a dramaturgy class. If the project is a workshop or production, the student must be credited as the dramaturg. A student who also writes, directs, designs, performs in, or otherwise collaborates on a project will be responsible for articulating the boundaries of the dramaturgical work and speaking on its behalf. The student need not be enrolled full-time to submit work for this award, but we do encourage dramaturges to attend the regional festival to represent their works.

You must have your materials in to the regional coordinator by December 2, 2016.

Email questions to the Dramaturgy Coordinator.

LMDA / KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award Application: How to Apply

LMDA / KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award Application: Explanation of Evaluative Measures

Program Note Award

Updated November 16, 2016

After continued growing participation, the Program Note, which is a regional award, will return. This award is for all student dramaturgs who wrote notes for either a participating or associate entry during this festival year (January-December 2016). Entrants are required to submit an application form as well as a copy of the note as it appeared in the program of a participating or associate status.

How to Apply: Fill Out Application Components A & B

Submit this form.
Application Materials Due December 2, 2016


Fill out the online application form above, identifying the dramaturg, faculty nominator, and reflective narrative.

NOTE: The Dramaturg Email in this form must match that of the originating email for the scanned Program Note. No letter of faculty nomination is required for the Program Note award.


(PDF or JPG.)
You must also send a copy of the note as it appeared in the production program as well as proof of participating or associate status. Please scan the note as a digital PDF or JPG format. Scanned notes should be sent via e-mail (from the dramaturg) to the Region III Dramaturgy Coordinator (

New Play Dramaturgy

Updated November 16, 2016

This is a pilot project in Region III done in conjunction with the Ten Minute Play Festival. Chosen student dramaturgs will be teamed up with selected student directors, student actors, student stage managers, and faculty advisor/mentors from schools throughout the region. The regional coordinator of dramaturgy will also provide guided instruction and mentorship at the festival to chosen dramaturgs. Meant to emulate the "page to stage" experience of new script development in the professional, this creative-collaborative project will be a regional award opportunity.

How to Apply: Fill Out Application Components A & B

Submit this form.
Application Materials Due December 2, 2016


Fill out the online application form above, identifying the dramaturg, faculty nominator, completed coursework, and reflective narrative.

NOTE: The Faculty Nominator Email in this form must match that of the originating email for the Letter of Nomination.


(One page.)
This one-page letter of nomination must come from a faculty member. If your creative-collaborative relationships on the project were primarily with other students, they should submit letters of support in addition to the faculty nomination letter. The letter(s) should describe the working relationship of the dramaturg her/his collaborators, and the innovative contributions the dramaturg made to the production project. Letters of nomination should be sent via e-mail (from the nominating professor) to the Region III Dramaturgy Coordinator (

Design Storm!

Design Storm is a timed collaborative exercise that teams a director with a dramaturg, a lighting designer, a sound designer, a costume designer, and a scenic designer to create an approach to a classic or contemporary text that is unlike all previous productions. As a Design Storm dramaturg, you will collaborate with your creative team in a variety of capacities including research and audience outreach. Please sign up prior to arriving at the festival.

Design Storm! Registration and Rules


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