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Contact: Regional Design, Technology & Management Chair



Contact: Regional Design, Technology & Management Vice Chair



Contact: Technical Advisor


Deadline Dec. 4, 2016

Contact: Festival Workshop Coordinator

Faculty and Staff Opportunities

Updated January 6, 2016

Design, Technology & Management

Faculty and Staff Design and Technology Exposition

Updated September 29, 2013

Faculty and staff are invited to exhibit design and technology exhibits at the regional festival. It is a great way to show students and colleagues your work, recruit students for your program and it is also a good item to place on your tenure and promotion list. You may include work from any production, whether or not it was produced at your University. We encourage all faculty and staff Designers, Technical Directors, and Craftspersons to showcase examples of their work.

Students can learn a lot from the work done by our outstanding designers and technicians!

For specific details on size and format of display panels and instruction on how to mount and present materials, please see:

Region III Exhibit Format

To participate, just complete and submit a Design, Technology & Management Registration form online.

Be a Regional Design Projects Respondent

Updated January 6, 2016

We need volunteers to give of their time and talents to give written responses to our student designers of the Regional Design Projects. Young designers need as much feedback as they can get from a variety of respondents, so we would like designers, technical directors and directors to share their expertise with our regional design students.

It involves filling out a one-page response form for approximately four to six students. Any insights you can share with them would be greatly appreciated. Response forms will be available on line beginning Wednesday afternoon of the festival and need to be completed by noon on Saturday. You will be able to access the form from your own computer, or at a DTM provided station.

If you are interested in helping us, please the Regional Design, Technology & Management Co-Vice Chair, Misti Bradford.

Be a Tech Olympics Judge!

We need faculty and staff to judge teams of students in this fun event. If you are interested contact the Technical Advisor.

Lead a Workshop

Updated November 9, 2016

Present a workshop! We're now accepting proposals for sessions to be presented at this year's festival. Workshops are a special opportunity for students to experience techniques, methods, and ideas presented by faculty and professionals. Perhaps you have an innovative lesson or exercise you can share. We'd like to increase the number of design/tech sessions and continue to provide a diverse offering of acting, criticism, and dramaturgy. We are very interested in shorter, 50 minute workshops that allow students more flexibility in attending more workshops while not missing shows or other events. If your workshop necessitates a double slot (1 hr. 50 minutes) please note your request on the proposal form.

Submit this online form.
Entry Submissions are Due by December 4, 2016, 5:00 pm

Workshops selected will be assigned a room at the Selection Committee Meeting in early December, and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your room and time assignment. Any questions should be directed to the Festival Workshop Coordinator (Patricia Helsel).

ATTENTION PRESENTERS! Please email a professional photo to the Festival Workshop Coordinator after you submit the WORKSHOP ENTRY FORM.

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