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We CELEBRATE all the diverse and innovative work being done in the nation in the areas of Design, Technology, and Management

This festival season has already proven to be a very unique and unprecedented year in academic theatre. We want to celebrate all your efforts in creating theatre in this unique time in our world today. We want you to submit your work to be showcased

All work is eligible this year to participate in the National Stage Management Fellowship Program and will be considered for national honors and awards.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Have stage-managed a project at their home institution in 2022. This includes but is not limited to digital productions/readings, face to face productions, and other projects;
  • Attend an institution that has entered either an associate or participating production in 2022 which the project occurs;
  • Be a bona fide student in 2022;
  • Be registered for and attend the Regional Festival to showcase their project and participate in response sessions.

Students will present a stage management project, comprised of materials, which clearly tell the story of the process, evolution, rehearsal, and realization of the project. A team of theatre stage management respondents will serve as selection panelists and respond to the projects.

Supporting materials that have proven most useful include combinations of the following: call script, blocking notation, script analysis, actor/character breakdown, performance & production reports, checklists, calendars, rehearsal schedule, daily schedule, tech schedule, sign-in sheets, callboard materials, contact form, emergency contact form, and photos from the show. This is in no way meant to be a definitive list. Choose elements that best articulate and document the conceptual approach, process, and the production.

Materials to submit (These materials will be presented on the DTM Expo Website. See below for what you should bring to the festival):

16 (maximum) slides/examples of your work/project

  • For the call script and blocking notation please include 3-4 pages as a single PDF. Choose pages that show off you strongest work.
  • Maximum size and resolution is 18 x 24 inches, 300 dpi, 20MB
  • PDF Format only
  • A letter of intent (AKA Cover Letter) including: your name, event/play/piece title with playwright’s name, a brief statement of your view of the “stage manager’s approach” that includes the following information: a brief statement about how you approach stage management, why you wish to participate in the regional festival, and your future goals as a stage manager. Do not include the name of your school on any of your slides and try to remove as much as you can from your other documents.

Materials to bring to Festival

  • Prompt Script from your production.
  • Rehearsal Script if separate from your prompt script.
  • See display box below for further information.

Check your Region’s website for application details as well as for specifics on logistics, technical provisions, and organization. Students are responsible for their own festival registrations, DTM registration, and other forms. Additional questions should be directed to your regional DTM Chair.

Management at the National Festival

One student will be chosen from each region to participate in the National Festival.

At the National Festival, students will have an opportunity to present their work and network with student and professional stage managers from across the country. Students will be eligible for various professional training opportunities, fellowships, and awards based on their projects and work during the festival. 

National KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Application

Each student is required to bring her/his prompt script from the production. The prompt script should be the book(s) the student used during the actual production. If the original prompt script is in digital format, a printed copy of the Prompt Script must be generated for display at the Expo. Posters are no longer allowed for this event based on a decision made at the national DTM level. You are only allowed to present your prompt script(s).

The prompt script is not required to include ALL of the production’s paperwork; these should include, but are not limited to:

  • The “Blocking Script” and the “Calling Script”, as one or more books, with blocking and cue-calling notation.
  • Rehearsal and performance Log.
  • Schedules, including rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc.

  • Pre-show/post-show checklists, shift schedules, French scenes, etc.

  • Forms, emails, communications, schedules, lists and plots.
  • Cast/Crew contact sheet, with phone numbers and addresses removed.

All of the above materials should be the bona-fide working versions, created during the actual production process. Prompt scripts will be on display as part of the regional Design Expo. Production photos that help to illustrate the production, and its challenges, may be included at the back of the prompt script, but are not required. There is no need to expunge the name of the stage manager’s school from paperwork.

When the student checks in and is assigned a table space, they will also be given an assigned time at which the preliminary response will take place. Stage Managers will be asked to present their prompt book(s) to a panel of professional guest Respondents. Each stage manager will give a short oral presentation of their stage management process, noting special challenges with this production, followed by a question and answer session with the respondents. Exact timing will depend on the number of entries, but usually there is about a minute for the oral presentation, and about 4 minutes for the response. The Stage Management Respondents will select a group of stage managers to advance to a final round. The final round typically takes the format of creative problem solving based on a given scenario, or a mock job interview.

The respondents may choose one Stage Manager from Region III to be awarded a fellowship to attend the national festival, if they feel that there is work of sufficient quality, to advance to the national level. “Sufficient quality” will be determined by the Respondents and regional DTM chair(s). Please note: stage managers that are not present, will not be eligible for national consideration. Selection will be based on the following:

  • Professionalism and completeness of the prompt script and other paperwork;
  • Personal demeanor and communication skills, based on interviews and follow-up workshops;
  • And written material, submitted prior to the Regional Festival.

The KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship recipient will be announced at the regional festival awards ceremony, and will be invited to attend the national festival in Washington, D.C. in April.

Festival Stage Management

Students participating in the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship program are no longer required to manage a festival event as part of the Fellowship. However a new initiative is being introduced this year called the: Stage Management Intensive. Students participating in the Fellowship event are invited to submit materials to the Stage Management Intensive Coordinator, if you wish to be involved with the management of festival events, and work with other talented students from around the region.

Any student who would like to be more involved in managing events at festival is invited to participate in the Stage Management Intensive. Students who take part in the Intensive have the opportunity to be involved in managing events which will include: the 10 minute play festival, Costume Parade and Evening of Scenes, Irene Ryans, as well as Design and general festival management. Additionally there will be exclusive workshops and roundtable discussions on the topic of Stage and Production Management with outside professionals.

This event is open to all students attending the festival, including those participating in the Stage Management Fellowship program, as well as students who are looking to further develop skills in Theatre and Stage Management. This program is not part of the National Stage Management Fellowship event but an opportunity to be involved with festival events and work with other student artists from around the region.

Stage Management Intensive


Christian McKinney

Christian McKinney

Co-Chair Design, Technology & Management

Lighting Designer, Production Manager & Technical Director

Terry Dana Jachimiak II

Terry Dana Jachimiak II

Co-Chair Design, Technology & Management

Alma College
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Department of Theatre
Alma, MI 48801

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