This year, for our virtual Festival, there are some exciting changes  to the Irene Ryan Scholarship auditions.

SELF-NOMINATIONS are new feature this year! Any student from a Region 3 school can nominate themselves and participate in the Ryans. Deadline for registration and submission is the same as below.

REGISTRATION and SUBMISSION deadline for Preliminary Round recorded audition material (1 monologue, no longer than 90 seconds) is December 15, 2021. 

NOTE: the preliminary round submission will be pre-recorded, with respondent feedback sessions on Zoom, prior to the festival. The Semi and Final rounds will be TBD.

The Preliminary Round (pre-recorded) will consist of 1 monologue, no longer than 90 seconds.

Recommendations for Recordings:

  1. Virtual submissions will be recorded with one camera and or phone.
  2.  Please record with a source of light directly in front of you. How To Record A Perfect self tape for Audition At Home! – Bombay Actors Guide
  3. The quality of the recording will not be considered when evaluating preliminary round submissions.
  4. Timing of the audition will begin with the first action or word in character following the setup and introduction and will not stop from that point onward.

The Semi-final Round (pre-recorded; scenes recorded on Zoom or in-person are welcome) will consist of 1 monologue and one scene, no longer than 5 minutes.

The Final Round (live on Zoom) will consist of all 2 monologues and one scene, no longer than 6 minutes total. NOTE: the national Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions in April 2022 will be the same as the final round.

NO SONGS for the Ryan’s. Please register for participation in the Music Theatre Intensive event if you are interested in performing a musical theatre piece.

Partners: Students may partner with another nominee and also be considered for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship themselves. These students will prepare the two monologues described in the criteria above and will have the option to utilize the same scene described above or a second scene with either the same partner or another student.

Health and Safety: All public health protocols and requirements observed by the students’ home institution will be observed in the preparation of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship audition.

Ryan nominees must also have a paid festival registration in order to participate in the Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Heidi ( or Kelli ( as soon as possible.

Congratulations on being an Irene Ryan Scholarship Nominee! The information and links below will help you register and prepare for your audition.


Please read the registration form carefully at the links below, as some of the requirements have changed.


Contact the Irene Ryan Coordinators Heidi ( or Kelli (


Any student actor in any Region 3 school is eligible to participate. Nominations are by KCACTF regional respondents, faculty from the participating schools, or self-nomination.


  • 16 regional festival awards of $500
  • 2 national festival awards of $3500 presented in Washington, D.C.

The list of awards and opportunities associated with the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions at the national festival continues to expand each year making this one of the most exciting educational and artistic opportunities for student actors in the country.

Recent awards made at the national festival include fellowships with these prestigious partners:

  • Society of American Fight Directors’ National Stage Combat Workshop
  • Williamstown Theatre Festival Fellowship for outstanding minority candidates
  • KCACTF National Partners Classical Acting Award
  • Dramatists Guild Award for Excellence in a Performance from a New Play or Musical
  • Mark Twain Prize for Comic Performance
  • Margolis Method Summer Intensive in Minneapolis
  • Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre and Mad River Festival
  • Sundance Theatre Laboratory

Other awards may be made at the regional level. Students and coaches are encouraged to consult their regional chair or regional Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions Coordinator for more information on regional awards.

KCACTF Region III Registration


For our 2022 Festival, Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions will consist of two monologues and one scene. There should be no internal edits for any of the selections. Nominees are encouraged to find scripts from a variety of sources (new scripts, contact playwrights, etc…).


  • Preliminary Round: 1 monologue, time limit of 90 seconds total (recorded; submission via private YouTube link).
  • Semi-Final Round: 1 monologue and one scene, time limit of 5 minutes total (pre-recorded; for scenes Zoom or in-person recordings are welcome).
  • Final Round: 2 contrasting* monologues and one scene, time limit of 6 minutes total (live on Zoom).

*The “contrasting” may consist of contemporary/classical, style, character type, etc…

For all 3 rounds: Be sure to introduce yourself (DO NOT IDENTIFY YOUR SCHOOL OR STATE AFFILIATION), and introduce your selections. The introduction/slate is not counted towards the total time limit.

Evaluation Criteria

Auditions will be evaluated using the following criteria at every level of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions and are of particular importance in the regional preliminary round:

  • Ability to urgently pursue strong, clear objectives.
  • Ability to make varied, specific, and bold acting choices.
  • Mastery of an expressive and flexible vocal and physical instrument.
  • Demonstration of a facility with language and a clear understanding of the text.

Given the above criteria, actors are strongly encouraged to select and prepare material for auditions that will demonstrate the above competencies and to avoid material designed to demonstrate the actor’s cleverness as an end in and of itself.

Questions/Additional Information

Contact the Irene Ryan Coordinators Heidi ( or Kelli (

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Audition Registration Form

Recommendations for Preparing the Audition



Nominees MUST complete the online Irene Ryan Registration Form by December 15, 2021 OR YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE. All nominees must also be registered for the festival. There is no additional fee for participating in the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Audition. By submitting the Ryan Registration Form, you affirm that you were a college student at the time of your Ryan nomination.


The best part of the Ryan process is the opportunity to grow and learn from the experience. Regional faculty respondents will provide each student individual feedback after the preliminary round, via scheduled zoom sessions prior to the first day of the festival, and semi-final and final round selectors will give responses, as well.


The Irene Ryan Foundation awards sixteen regional and two national scholarships annually. One nominee from every region will be invited to the national festival and the nominee will receive a $500 scholarship. The runner-up in each region will receive a $500 scholarship, but will not attend the national festival to audition for the national scholarship. Students and coaches are encouraged to consult their regional chair or regional Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions Coordinator for information on other regional awards. The Irene Ryan Acting Scholarships are, indeed, scholarships; so the Foundation disburses the award through a school designated by the winner, to pay tuition and fees for further education, not necessarily limited to theatre arts. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding the Ryans. We look forward to seeing you in January 2022!


Faculty members and students who have paid their Festival registration fee may observe the virtual final round of the Ryans.

AND! Break a leg Ryan nominees and partners!!!



Heidi Winters Vogel

Heidi Winters Vogel

Irene Ryan Coordinator

Associate Professor of Theater
Wabash College
301 W. Wabash Ave.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Kelli Crump

Kelli Crump

RED Chair & Assistant Irene Ryan Coordinator

Wayne State University
Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance
Old Main – Suite 3225
4841 Cass Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
(248) 722-6225

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