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Irene Ryan Preliminary auditions will begin at 3 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 7, and will continue through Wednesday, Jan. 8 (starting at 9am on Jan. 8). Please indicate if you AND your partner are available to audition in the following TUESDAY Audition Blocks (this means you would need to be at the hotel in Madison prior to 3pm, if given that time slot):

Tuesday Audition Blocks

Irene Ryan Registration will begin at 1pm on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Festival Registration will begin at 10am on Tuesday Jan. 7, and will run until 9pm that day (& will continue throughout the festival).

The Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions extend through Friday of Festival. To assist us in scheduling, please indicate whatever other activities you OR your partner will be involved with at the Festival.

Check ALL that apply to you or your partner:

Rights and Royalties

Please see the National KCACTF website for details regarding rights and royalties. (opens in a new tab)

Scene 1

Scene 1 Royalties

Scene 2

Scene 2 Royalties


Monologue/Song Royalties

"I understand that auditioners will be disqualified if they perform material that is not in the public domain, self-authored, or on the Pre-Approved List of publishers/playwrights list unless they can produce written evidence of permission for its use."

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